Transforming Healthcare Facility Operations Through Smart Technology

What if there was an operational solution that can save you money, promote efficiency, and position your healthcare real estate as a strategic asset?

RTG partners with Intuitive Medical Buildings to offer cutting-edge technology as the ultimate solution for your healthcare facility's operational needs. This technology uses Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to create "smart" hospitals and medical office buildings for our clients. Combined with RTG's commitment to providing innovative real estate solutions, this technology keeps the future of healthcare facility operations in mind as we partner with the industry's leaders.

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An Operational Solution with the Industry’s Future in Mind

The Intuitive MB operating system features:

  • A secure facilities management ecosystem with 24/7/365 service center monitoring
  • Customizable, data-driven desktop and mobile dashboards that update in real-time
  • The ability to identify and address a variety of complex compliance regulations
  • The capability to make any hospital or medical building "smart ready" in as little as four weeks

Are you ready for operational services that save money, manage risks, and enhance delivery of care?

Connect With Our Operational Services Team

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Hank Carr

Senior Vice President

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Holly Sparks, CPM

Regional Operations Director

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Lauren Alexander

Regional Operations Director